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Interesting Baby Names from around the World.


In this section, you can find a selection of interesting baby names from around the World


Use the links below to jump to a page then browse through both boy and girl names alphabetically.



names beginning with...


names beginning with...

-A- -B- -C- -D- -A- -B- -C- -D-
-E- -F- -G- -H- -E- -F- -G- -H-
-I- -J- -K- -L- -I- -J- -K- -L-
-M- -N- -O- -P- -M- -N- -O- -P-
-Q- -R- -S- -T- -Q- -R- -S- -T-
-U- -V- -W- -X- -U- -V- -W- -X-
-Y- -Z- -Y- -Z-


Alternatively, Click Here to search the full database with THOUSANDS of names! 


If you're struggling to agree on a name for your baby or you can't find the right name that fits well with both a German and Greek surname, then this could be the solution for you.  Many of the names in this listing cannot be found anywhere else on the web.



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